CHEF CHARLIE LEVITZ – Chair 6 Private Chef & Events

Chef Charles Levitz - Chair 6

Born to a woman who spent her life saying, “I’m no chef, I’m just a good cook,” Chef Charlie Levitz is part of a long family tradition of celebrating great food. As early as 18 he knew his life’s dream was to be a chef, yet it was only after many years filled with twists and turns – including raising two amazing and wonderfully unique children, one of whom is already a great chef in his own right – that in 1984 he took the plunge.

It was finally the right time to pursue his passion and stop saying, “I wish.” With a trusted partner they opened The Interlaken, a restaurant, bar, and small inn located on a historic Lake Placid Village property. Since that day, it has been a wonderful journey filled with many challenges and rewards.

For over 30 years Chef Levitz is proud to say he have been the chef owner of four top-rated concept restaurants, as well as private chef and event caterer to a broad spectrum of clientele in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. His culinary philosophy has been focused on purchasing the highest quality ingredients and allowing them to dictate the scope and direction of an ever-changing collection of seasonal menus.

Chef Levitz enjoys the challenge of purveying only the finest fish, meat, game, and produce available each season – in this remote area this often means chasing down delivery trucks and babysitting overnight deliveries of fresh fish and rare treats. He is usually satisfied but never content with today’s efforts, constantly seeking new ways to to improve the total dining experience. Chef Levitz is thrilled that in this new chapter of his culinary journey and has returned to his roots – shedding the brick and mortar restaurant location and all that entails – to focus exclusively on private chef and event catering services. Back once again to a singular focus on continuing his family’s tradition of celebrating great food through service to a private clientele.