CHEF KATHY RYAN – Happy Pike Ice Cream & Snack Bar

Kathy Ryan is the owner and chef at the Happy Pike Ice Cream & Snack Bar. She started her business in 2011, shortly after the closing of Phizer Pharmacuticals in Chazy, NY, where she was an employee for 15 years.

Kathy have lived in Chazy all her life and actually lives right around the corner where the Happy Pike is located. The building at Monty Bay Marina had been vacant for many years. She would walk by the building daily and wonder why no one ever tried to open an ice cream and burger restaurant with so many neighboring marinas and campsites in the area.

The only experience Kathy had was cooking in the snack shack for soccer and helping her husband cook for the Happy Pike Fishing Derby.  So one day, She walked into the marina office and pitched them her idea.

Kathy worked hard teaching herself the in and outs of running a small business which was no easy task. Opening the Happy Pike was one of the best adventures in her life. The business has grown to a beautiful summer hot spot where Kathy gets to treat her customers to food cooked fresh and seasoned to perfection. Chef Ryan prides herself in preparing her food from old family recipes.

Kathy created the “Donut Cone” which actually put her on the map for an ice cream experience people from all over have come to try. Her most cherished treasure other than opening her shop is the life long friends she has made while being there.