MASTER DISTILLERS SARAH AND RANDALL BEACH – Murray’s Fools Distilling Company, Altona, NY

MFD Co. - The Beaches

Murray’s Fools Distilling Company was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team, Sarah and Randall Beach, and was the first craft distillery established in Clinton County.
The distillery, along with its tasting room, is located in the small town of Altona, New York.  It is located adjacent to the property that co-founder, Randall Beach, spent his entire childhood life.

The craft distillery is named for one of the seminal events in the history of the Adirondacks, the Murray Rush of 1869. This rush was an influx of thousands of 19th century city dwellers to the Adirondacks, in order to experience the wondrous wilderness described in William Henry Harrison (“Adirondack”) Murray’s book Adventures in the Wilderness. Murray is co-founder Randall Beach’s great, great grandfather.

W.H.H. Murray was an advocate not only of the wilderness, but also of a cultured, yet rugged, individualism. Throughout his fictional works, his characters are at ease both in the city and among nature’s wonders. They are cultured men and women who have a profound understanding of the natural world.

The company philosophy is based upon this heritage of freedom, individualism and nature.  Murray’s Fools draws upon the bounty of regional resources to produce spirits designed to inspire freedom of self, creativity and appreciation of the natural world.

Current products include; The Snowshoe Vodka, La Pomme du Lac Apple Brandy, WolfJaw Single Malt Whiskey and Osprey Aquavit.